Mobile App Development Trends to Look for in 2018

If there is one thing you could be certain, it’s that technology enviable mobile apps which are developing faster every day. What was in higher demand yesterday doesn’t remain same the next day. Everyone should keep this in mind, mobile app development market is widespread for its volatility which is why mobile app developers are looking for more advanced software, compatible hardware components, and futuristic development tools to assure that their new and existing apps meet the market demand.

2017 has been a phenomenal year as mobile apps are no longer means of luxury; it has already achieved its special position in the corporate world. Every business vertical is counting on mobile apps to increase their revenue and meet customers demand easily. Mobile app trends are ever growing and that is why it is essential for you to stay ahead of the race to meet the brand new and rapid changing customer requirements.

Let’s have a look at some of the technological know-how developments that will deliver extra opportunities and success to you.

The year 2018 seems to be stuffed with new opportunities and surprises. High tech trends will definitely make contribution to mobile app development services.

1) Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is anticipated to be booming technology for mobile and web applications. It will allow developers to build apps more intelligently by learning user preference to provide a better experience to the existing and anticipated users.

2) Android instant apps:

Android instant apps are a new inspiration in Android app development. These are the native apps that function like websites and allow accessing most of the features directly (like web pages) without installation. It runs on all the android versions and beneficial to small SME’s who do not look to invest much in core Android app development and can reach their target audience easily.

3) AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has penetrated mobile apps not only in gaming but also in the social media category. Tremendous user engagement is observed by mobile app development companies to implement this technology. Remember Pokemon Go? Which was the value added to the Augmented Reality presented real time situation for the users.

Soon it is predicted to advance at the rapid pace with more increase in wearable’s and related mobile apps. VR devices like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift are gaining popularity day by day. It shows virtual information by providing 3D vision of products without physical presence. So hold tight to see the AR and VR magic in the coming year 2018.

4) Predictive analysis

Data analytics have already grounded its root in the soil. It helps in predicting future results for your business by evaluating relationship between the available data and the marketing outcomes. Data analytics will reach far and corporate will rely on it to analyze their performance, predict the outcome, and take appropriate decisions on the basis of the trend analysis.

5) Digital Payment

Digital Payment is taking the world by the storm. For example Bitcoin- a type of crypto currency is thriving in the market. Currently, we humans have started using digital payment methods but soon no credit/debit cards will be needed for online payment as well. Crypto currencies are virtual money which will be used to make payment without carrying hard cash/card. Mobile apps are in demand that offers such payment functionality.

6) Swift 4 for iOS apps

Swift is most compiled programming language used for iOS app development. It supports almost all Apple platforms as well as Linux. Recently swift 4 launched in September provide high stability and robustness.

It is said that in the coming year, iOS app development would be more interesting and productive with the invention of a swift4 framework.

It consists of several features like:

● Smart key paths for, efficient, type-safe, extensible key-value coding for Swift types

● Enhanced Dictionary and Set types’ creation

● Exclusive access to memory

7) IOT

IoT is for sure going to remain a major trend in 2018. Everything is connected in the world of technology through the Internet of Things.

Almost every IoT solution requires a dedicated application to manage all the smart devices. IoT has already gained momentum in healthcare industry, and will reach gradually to other industries as well.

Final Words:
These are the major trends, yet there are many others which will transform the world of mobile apps and will certainly change the future by raising innovative possibilities. However, make sure you choose an ideal mobile app development solution to create a high-quality mobile app for your needs.

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