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With the advent of Cognitive Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, there are no more standalone projects in Technology Domain.

Mobile App paradigm shift:

This applies especially to the mobile applications as they have become the cornerstone of this whole ecosystem. Mobile Apps whether developed for B2C or B2B will have much integration and they will act as the bridge that integrates all these technologies to form a digital ecosystem.

Prerequisites to a successful Mobile Application:

Apart from an idea that has potential users and a market gap for which users are willing to pay, a successful Mobile Application will require continuous development, an innovation center, a planned and streamlined budget and a team of dedicated resources who can keep evolving the application with the growing customer expectations. Also, judging by the current trends, these applications will go beyond smartphones and they will be embedded into smart objects as well.

Mobile App Prototype- an essential first step:

So looking at the above scenario, it would be a fool’s errand for an appreneur to take a leap of faith and commit to such large cost and efforts without conducting a detailed research and before gaining some Proof of Concept (POC)! Investing in a Mobile App idea without any research or PoC is basically a speculation and not an informed decision.

Operational and Financial Benefits of Mobile App Prototype:

1. To approach for Seed Funding from Venture Capitalists:

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